Friday, 10 June 2016

Army Troops, Civilian JTF & local vigilantes conduct a clearance operation at Yajiwa, Alagarno forest

In determined efforts to clear remnants of Boko Haram terrorists in their area of operation, today in the early hours of the morning, troops of 156 Task Force Battalion of 29 Task Force Brigade in conjunction with Civilian JTF and local vigilante in the area, conducted a clearance operation to Yajiwa in Alagarno forest. During the operation, 8 Boko Haram terrorists camps beyond Yajiwa were also cleared.

Several items recovered from the camps include 2 primed Improvised Explosive Devices (which were successfully detonated), 3 Pressure Plates, a 36 Hand Grenade, 2 Dane Guns, 7 Motorcycles and 5 Empty Cases of 12.7mm rounds of ammunition. Others are 1 Damaged Mine Detector, a vehicle and Camel bag a Vehicle top cylinder, tyre rims/jacks, 2 solar panels, 2 small generators, 1 grinding machine, 3 Water pumping machines, 1 Namsac sprayer and more. The troops have since returned to base safely.

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