Friday, 10 June 2016

'They bought SUVs worth N30m in this bad economy; See how they did it' – Seun Ogundele reveals

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Yes, Even in this unfriendly economy, young Nigerians like you bought SUVs worth N30million Naira in the last few months. From this Secret Business Here: Warning: Jumia and Konga are secretly netting billions of Naira from this same business, 100%  Legal,  Its called Mini Ecommerce Business.
This has nothing to do with online Fraud or Scam. See proofs below from just few people that know about this business:

#1 PROOF- AdetunjiGbolagade
This young Ibadan dude bought himself a Range Rover Sport early june making it the 5th SUV in his N30million House….all from this business proceeds….

Still Shocked How he got all this? Check out his daily transaction from this Business am going to show you shortly.

#2 PROOF  - OlaideAlim
He was even nicknamed OlaidollarsAlimoney….This young man also got himself a brand New ACURA MDX worth millions of Naira and even completing is Multimillion Naira House In Lagos from this same business am about to show you.

See How Much He Pulls In A Day Below:

#3- Seun Ogundele(Youngest CEO)
My Humble Self, due to so many achievements from the internet. I was named YoungestCEOand bagged lot of awards just because I started this IM business at tender age of 17. Early March I decided to add another Toyota Highlander SUV to making it 4 Cars in 3yrs. Thanks to this wonderful business.

There is no enough space to put all the daily transactions but you can view them here:

So, What Exactly Are These Young Guys Doing To Make Such Income?

Well It’s Called Mini Importation/ Ecommerce Business, whereby you combine some simple yet never seen before importation secrets (don’t worry about the dollar rate it doesn’t even affect our business) combine with some business marketing that have been in existence for years.
Don’t worry about the dollar rate because some of these products you will be importing cost between $1 to $4.


If you buy 100 pieces of a product that cost $1 per piece, that is $100 (N30,000). You ship it to Nigeria for like N20,000 (i will teach you about this). Total cost of getting the product to Nigeria is N50,000. You run facebook advert of $200 to sell all the 100. That's another N60,000.
Total is N110,000.

Let me tell you the truth here...

The above product is sold for N9,500 But i spend an average of N2,000 to deliver to my Customer's door steps at  any part of Nigeria. I will teach you about this is details.

Your net selling price after shipment is N7,500. If you sell just 100 pieces in a month, that's N7,500 x 100 = N750,000, If you subtract your cost of N110,000, You are left with pureeeee Profitttttttttt of over N600,000
Exact Secret  Business Kept By Giants Like JUMIA,KONGA and DEALDEY

The Question is?

Would you like to discover the exact business secret of Multi Million dollars Giant Companies like Jumia and Konga that we use to rake in N1million to N5million Monthly right here in Nigeria even in this bad economy?

If your answer is yes to that, then this is the most important life changing article you will ever read. why ?because on the 2nd of July am set to reveal the exact secret business young Nigerians are doing to make cool cash for themselves the JUMIA and KONGA Way.

This business will be revealed to just 50 people in a group training in Lagos, Nigeria. To Reserve Your Seat, Go to:

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