Friday, 10 June 2016

How my small breast nearly ruined my life..I lost hope in the various 'fake pills' I took until a 2 in 1 solution did it for me

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Now... I have a sizable and enviable pointed breast that's being the admiration of many! Here's my story... Over 24 ladies - both single and married have benefited from my experience and discovery. My mum brought me into this world and called me Endurance.
In a way, it seemed she knew that I was going to endure a lot from people who would mistake me for a boy or those who would intentionally make mockery of me because of my small breasts. And Endurance became my name. 

As a lady with a set of little breast, I used to endure massive insult from people. I endured pranks from friends, sympathy from beloved and rejection from boyfriends.
 The woman of a human whose property of gender is confusing will always endure the embarrassment of wrong attributes.

Some would say "good morning bros" then turn to apologize
"Oh! sorry I no know say you be woman".

That was the kind of thing that almost kept me off the road.
When I remember how people take delight in addressing me as a boy instead of girl, even when they knew that I'm a girl, I chose to avoid some places.
I remember a particular streets in Auchi, Edo state, that I vowed never to pass again.

The last I passed that street was several years ago when I was writing WAEC.
It was an early Sunday morning. The street was lonely and I was just walking with nobody in view.
Suddenly I bumped into a group of boys who gathered in one corner playing cards.
One of them stood and approached me - thought he was coming to toast me, but no.
He grabbed my hand and said "na today we go find out".
                                   Find Out What?
 It turned that they had conspired. They needed to satisfy their curiosity by undressing me to check if I'm a boy or girl.
That was exactly what they would do if I did not scream like mad.
 So last year, I told people that my new name is Joy.

I have endured enough.
 Joy is my name and let everything be of joy.
 The story you are reading has been shared countless times on major Newspapers, blogs and Facebook.

It is about how I got a new set of busty, healthy boobs for myself without surgery.

My small discovery has also gone ahead to help other ladies escape from the frustrations of either small breast or a saggy one.

I can bet my story will be of immense benefit to you too...

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